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Social Justice+

Social Justice and Animal Rights

If humans were to create lifeforms that
sought to avoid physical damage,
experienced sadness, joy, anger, friendship,
surprise, fear and devotion, would we have
moral obligations owing to these creations,
not to unnecessarily frustrate their interests
or cause them harm?

There are five acres of arable land
per person in Australia.
How many hours would you work each week
if you were entitled to your fair share?

Why is affordable housing constructed.
so ridiculously close to belching highways,
whilst just a few hundred meters further
from the road, cheap land without
‘residential zoning’
is grazed by sheep and cows?

So long as you do it the ‘right way’, there is
nothing wrong with chopping down the
forests, displacing the native people and
replacing them with animals for meat⸮

Would-be homeowners are led like lambs
to the slaughter.
25 years of mortgage payments represent
25 years labour at a sufficient level such that
mortgage payments are possible.
Any guesses why governments won’t let you
set up eco-villages on cheap grazing land?

Corporate controlled government does not
care what job you do, so long as you keep
paying their taxes.

The law is constructed such that the majority
whilst attempting to serve their own interest
for food and shelter, are made to serve
the interests of those that farm them.

If one fails to deprive people
of their most basic needs,
who will seek employment cleaning my

Unfortunately many people do not realise
that after being used for a few lactation
cycles, virtually all dairy cows are sent to the
slaughterhouse. If you have friends who care
about animals, please let them know.

Some people have a personal preference
for using Samsung Galaxy over iPhone.
Some people have a personal preference
for eating dead animal body parts over fruit,
vegetables, nuts and seeds.
-What’s the difference?

Would it be wrong to eat moral relativists?

It may be the case that you would rather buy
yourself a private yacht than help those who
are struggling to find a bed for the night.
Rest assured the law is there to protect you.

It is spiritually uncool
to be opposed to anything.
State sanctioned spiritual doctrine says that
those who perceive a problem within the
status quo need to shut up and meditate.

Here is another being,
if I put a tag in their ear
or pull them from their mother’s womb,
does that make them mine to use?

Children these days grow up
with such a sense of entitlement.
It’s as if we still owe them something,
just because we smacked them
when they were young.

I suppose $100,000 per assault
plus court costs would be reasonable.
I wonder how much the house is worth.

Please remove your child,
it’s disturbing my meditation.

Putting aside for a moment any uses we have for animals,
is it reasonable for humans to claim ownership
over other sentient beings?
Reintroducing our uses for animals, which if any of these
can justify depriving animals their interests,
for the purpose of serving our own?

Everyone in Australia should have the right to
compulsory voting, and if they fail to comply,
their bank accounts will be garnished
or their vehicle registration cancelled.

If people don’t stand up for what is right,
it will become socially acceptable to do things that are wrong.

Under the spell of capitalism,
we envy the man with three houses and a yacht.
Were it not true it would be absurd to think,
whilst millions starve each year,
we still want to be this man.

The only excuse for being rich is
that there are no poor people left who are deprived
their basic needs so they can be coerced into labour
to produce the luxuries we desire.

A culture of selfishness
where it is normal to place ones own interests
far above other’s, makes us easy to rule.

Naturally, kangaroos produce milk for their young,
and not for any other purpose.
But if farmers selectively bred them,
hooked them up to milking machines
two or three times a day,
provided them with access to grazing land,
fed most of their babies to meat eaters,
and sold their milk for human consumption,
would you say the kangaroos were getting
a fair go?

It must be hard for vegans
not being allowed to eat meat.
It must be hard for feminists
not being allowed to commodify women’s bodies.
It must be hard for pacifists
not being allowed to execute political prisoners for the state.

If you lived in a society in which slavery was normalized
and considered socially acceptable, and you believed
that the practice of slavery was unfair, it would not be
enough simply to stop keeping slaves oneself.
It would also be necessary to make some effort
to encourage others to reject slavery.

Similarly, if I believe that it is unfair to inflict
unnecessary suffering and death on animals,
you can probably see why I think it is not enough
simply to stop consuming animal products myself,
It is also necessary to make some effort
to encourage others to reject the exploitation of animals.