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How to express ideas in a way that encourages receptivity
If it came to your attention that dairy cows, and laying hens
are sent to slaughter once they become less profitable for milk, or egg production, how could you convey this understanding to
your vegetarian friends?

Burning extremism
Going vegan, and not financially supporting slaughterhouses is not extreme; burning down slaughterhouses is, there is a difference.

Animal loving or otherwise
People think that because I’m vegan, I must love all animals.
There are plenty of people that I don’t particularly like,
yet even were it legal, I wouldn’t feel it was my right to eat them.

Man is such a clever animal
We selectively breed animals to have the characteristics we desire, such as high milk, or egg yields. Then we provide them with what they need to achieve our goals. And once they become less productive for whatever we want from them, we kill them-all the while imagining ourselves to be in some sort of equitable symbiotic relationship with them.

What are you comfortable with?
If you wouldn’t feel comfortable looking an animal in the eye,
pulling out a knife and slitting his or her throat, there is no need
to feel ashamed-just take it as a sign that you are
temperamentally better suited to a plant based diet.

Why I became vegan
Once our chooks reached two or three years old, my father would snap their necks and replace them with younger birds that would
lay more reliably. Our goat, Sophie, ‘gave’ us loads of milk, but
her son ‘Kiddo’ lay dead in our freezer. I never felt comfortable
with the killing of animals, and after year of vegetarianism, I
went vegan.

Factory farming
Animals on factory farms are treated like commodities with no inherent value. In all fairness the same could be said of free- range or organically raised animals, chopped up and sold for twice the price.


Chicken domination
If we didn’t eat eggs:
we would have to eat chickens,
otherwise the chickens would take over the world.


Enlightened psychopaths
If enlightened people are able to eat the flesh of sentient beings
without feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable, who knows, they
may even be able eat humans without feeling uncomfortable.
-Wouldn’t that be impressive!

Lizard logic
Thus reasoned the lizard priests: If we were less intelligent, the humans would eat us too, so why should we not eat a species so lacking in compassion?

Whilst it is true that the consumption of animal products inflicts
unnecessary suffering and death on animals, thanks to clever
philosophers, we now know that you cannot go from is to ought.
Cannibalism may be unpleasant for the victim, however you
cannot go from is to ought, so you cannot say that it is immoral.

The scope of moral relativism
Although moral relativism is a useful tool for dismissing vegetarianism, it should never be mentioned in the same sentence as cannibalism.

Sexual deprivation and a cup of tea
Hens like scratching about in the dirt. They also like having a rooster about for protection, and normal sexual interaction. That being said, fertilised eggs are not everyone’s cup of tea. If you don’t mind keeping your backyard chooks in a state of sexual deprivation, there is no need to have a rooster. Some people like the sound of roosters crowing at 4am-personally I do not. At what point does a fertilised egg become meat?


Strutting about
Although roosters do a good job of strutting about with self importance, they are less than impressive when it comes to laying eggs. Despite the fact that the vast majority of newly hatched chicks are macerated or gassed if they happen to be male, there is no need to cry sexism, female privilege is not at play here. Once females become less profitable for egg production at around eighteen months, they too are slaughtered.

Laying charts
Layer charts give the egg farmer an indication of the number of eggs he can expect his hens to lay with respect to time. Generally speaking most breeds start laying at around 16-20 weeks, peak in productivity between 25-40 weeks, then become increasingly less reliable layers until they are replaced at around 72 weeks. It should be noted that although some people may have a preference for free-range, or organic eggs, there is no such thing as a ‘happy slaughterhouse’.

So where does your baby get its protein?
How much protein does a growing baby need? McDonalds beef patties are 22.7% protein, cows’ milk varies from 3.3% to 3.9% protein, peanut butter is 26% protein*.
Calculated as a percentage of total mass, breast milk is on average just 1.1% protein.
*This information is for reference purposes only and should not be taken as an endorsement to feed your baby McDonalds, cows’ milk, or indeed peanut butter.

Mystical magical entitlement
There is no doubt some people really enjoy eating meat. However just because someone can pick up a knife, look a pig, dog, cow, or hen in the eye, and slash his, or her throat, it doesn’t mean that they have gained some mystical magical entitlement to eat their flesh.

Aesthetic differences
There is a significant aesthetic difference between the killing of animals raised specifically for meat, and the killing of animals once they become less profitable for milk, or egg production. If you happen to be an animal on death row in a slaughterhouse, the difference may elude you.

Vegetarians don’t eat leather shoes!

Optimal health
Often people claim to eat meat for optimal health, yet they won’t stop smoking, or drinking coffee for optimal health.
The mind is a very strange thing!

Raising dogs for milk
We raise dogs for milk,
and when they become less productive, we kill them.
I know that killing for milk sounds a bit harsh, but it’s all good because some people like eating dog meat, we sell it to them, and nothing is wasted.

How do you value animals?
Do you consider living-breathing sentient beings to have more value than chopped up dead ones deposited on a plate?

Children and animals
Would you rather your children be brought up to regard animals as fellow sentient beings, or as commodities owned by humans?

Mutual respect
It’s all about respect:
I respect your right to eat roasted vegetables, now please respect
my right to eat roasted animals.

Using animals
Some people like to use animals for sex.
Some people like to use animals for meat.
I am not suggesting that these are in any way equivalent, nor do I presume to know whether it is better for the animals to be fucked, or to be killed for meat. In any case, I think that it is fair to say that neither practice is particularly beneficial for the animals involved.

Flesh, eggs, and milk
If one stops consuming animal products, even for a short period of time, it becomes easier to recognise that the flesh, eggs and milk of animals do not belong to us.

Worker trauma
Those who doubt that slaughterhouses cause long term
psychological damage to workers operating on the kill floor, will
most likely be successful in their application for employment,
should they need to find out.

Earth evacuation referendum
Climate change is not a theory.
Planet earth is rapidly becoming uninhabitable.
The evacuation will begin in 15 minutes.
Two planets are willing to host us.
The transport ship has enough fuel to reach either but not both planets. This referendum is your opportunity to choose the world in which you would rather live.
Planet A has a culture of lacto-ovo vegetarianism, they do not use animals for meat, however once their cows and chickens become less profitable for milk and egg production, they are slaughtered and replaced.
Planet B has a culture of complete vegetarianism, often known as veganism, they do not use animals for meat, eggs, milk or other purposes. There are no slaughterhouses on Planet B.

A more likely future
Which do you consider a more likely future?
A) The majority will one day recognise that cows, pigs and chickens are not machines for producing milk, meat or eggs, and will stop trying to purchase these so called products.
B) The vegans will give up trying to defend the animals from exploitation, and will go back to wherever it is that they came from.