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Armed guards, perimeter fences,
no this is not a prison camp.
Are you having a good time?
Solar panels, composting toilets, weaving workshops,
sedation, not sedition.
Our partners distracted,
we find freedom.
I was looking for you for ages,
just not where we agreed.
My friends have taken too much.
I can’t find my tent.
I don’t know what to do.
The trees are so beautiful
when illuminated by lasers.
I am a ball of light, an orb of perception,
intimately mingling with those that didn’t
pick me up hitchhiking.
But here we are brothers, and sisters,
don’t drop your phone.

A bit of a pickle
Fred really enjoys dog-fighting, and asks Tom
whether he would like to join him at the next event.
‘That’s pretty fucked up mate’, replies Tom.
-It seems Fred does not have a safe space to talk
about dog-fighting, and Fred is feeling a bit defensive.
Is it really any worse than frying up animals on the ‘barbie’,
and eating their flesh?’, he retorts.
Tom really enjoys barbecues, and Fred is told to go fuck himself.

Coerced labour and prostitution
If someone doesn’t have enough money to pay the rent,
or to buy food, you might consider offering them employment
sucking your cock. Depending on your outlook,
you may have ethical problems with taking advantage of them
sexually, and may wish to offer them employment
cleaning your toilet instead.

Aristocrats and dole bludgers
Living on inherited wealth, living off social security
-whats the difference?
Other people have to labour to feed, clothe, and house you.
Dollars in banks don’t drive tractors.

My girlfriend likes flirting,
and having sex with other men.
She says if it really bothers me she will stop;
it does bother me.
If I wanted to sleep with other people myself,
perhaps it would bother me less,
and we could have some sort of deal.

What if last night, ‘your girlfriend’ went out with her friends,
got drunk, took a couple of pills, and hooked up with a random.
Under such circumstances, would your preference be that she caught, or did not catch an STD?

Unconditional love
What conditions are present, or not present in anyone,
such that you cannot love them unconditionally.
I can love ‘X’ unconditionally, but not ‘Y’.

10 people in a room
Ten people are in a room Also in the room is a healthy pig,
and a plentiful supply of fresh fruits, vegetables , nuts, and seeds.
In a couple of hours it will be dinner time,
and people are starting to think about their food options.
After a brief discussion, it turns out that nine people are happy
to eat vegetarian, and would not wish for the pig to be killed for them.
One person has a personal preference for slitting the pig’s throat,
and eating her flesh. The discussion continues…
One person (a different person) suggests that given the
abundance of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds available to them,
slitting the pig’s throat would be an unnecessary act of violence.
-What do you think?

Intellectually fashionable
Some people are of the view that if vegetarian food is available,
it is morally wrong to slit the throats of dogs and use them as food.
Others who feel no particular empathy for dogs may disagree,
indeed they may feel that the vegetarians are doing something
terribly wrong by eating beans, or root vegetables.
For a while it was intellectually fashionable to think,
in such disagreements, that no one is objectively right or wrong.
The killing and eating of dogs is not objectively worse
than the killing, and eating of beans, and root vegetables.
I accept that I cannot really know if on some ultimate level,
it matters what we do, or who we kill, but I feel more comfortable
living among people who do have a moral objection
to the unnecessary killing of animals.

Letting people live in rural community:
building their own homes, growing their own food,
and becoming fulfilled with their activity,
makes no economic sense for government.
Far better to keep them in compartment buildings,
working soul destroying jobs, paying off interminable mortgages,
indeed supporting the taxation system,
and blowing anything they have left on the weekend
to escape the nightmare of Monday morning.

Do you have parasites?
The role of government is to administer operations
necessary to maintain a high level of material support
for the parasites known as the upper class.
Since land is the ultimate source of wealth,
providing for needs of both food and shelter,
careful regulation of land access is necessary
to maintain an army of workers providing for their needs.

Consent in the marketplace
I’ll consent to being fucked up the ass
by any employer who wants me,
if the alternative is being hungry, and homeless.

Vaccination as a moral imperative
Everyone in a community is vaccinated,
but a few die from diseases that they were vaccinated against.
-No comment.

Everyone, except a few people in a community are vaccinated,
but a few die from diseases that they were vaccinated against.
-It must be the fault of those who refused to vaccinate.

An unvaccinated child dies from a disease that vaccines are available for.
-The child’s parents make it their mission to educate people
on the moral imperative to vaccinate, and call for mandatory vaccination,
by force if necessary.

What to do with naughty doctors?
Around 5 percent of medical doctors have not fully vaccinated their children.
If they refuse to get up-to-date, ought they to be thrown in jail, or simply fined?

It may turn out that ‘anti-vaxxers’ have overestimated the risks
associated with certain vaccines,
but at least they are not trying to have you thrown in jail
for non-compliance with their beliefs.

Compulsory voting
Everyone in Australia should have the right to compulsory voting.

Private property
Where is not private property?
Where do I have the right to live?
Must I really slave for an employer to collect credits
before being entitled to somewhere to rest, grow food,
and build myself shelter?
Is this really the way it’s supposed to be?

Mortgage sweet mortgage
Land ownership puts us snugly
in the pocket of state.
Mortgage laden we become willing servants
trying to protect what we believe we have.

Politically incorrect
We are unlikely to see an equitable society until older men are able
to transform themselves physically to be able to compete
with younger men for women of reproductive age.
Until such time these men will tend to rely on hierarchical
power structures to get what they want.

Social justice
If you catch someone out for saying something ableist,
ageist, sexist, heterosexist, etc,
don’t forget to make them feel excluded.
It is only through being judged harshly
that they stand any chance of becoming
as socially progressive as you⸮

Snuff and stuff
On the one hand Jamie really enjoys watching snuff movies,
on the other hand, Jamie feels uncomfortable about the suffering,
and death inherent in their production. Life is confusing.
One day Jamie spots a human rights activist
doing a street stall, and decides to have a little chat.

It turns out that the activist used to be a cannibal,
who due to a growing psychological discomfort with killing,
decided to change his ways.
Jamie begins to wonder whether it would be in his own
psychological best interests to refrain from purchasing
the much anticipated latest offering from his favourite snuff director.
The parallels between his situation, and the human rights activist
were not exact. In purchasing this particular film,
he would not be the actual killer
-more of an accomplice, there is a difference!
He was not unaware how tricky his mind could be.
All sorts of thoughts spewed into consciousness:
Would he be doing a violence to himself by depriving his soul of snuff?
Was he feeling some sort of Christian guilt?
Is not morality for the masses?
In any case and for whatever reason:
he was not feeling comfortable.
He did not want blood on his hands.
It was time for a change.

Are you someone with the mental capacity to process new
information, even if it clashes with old habits, or beliefs?
if so try this:

Fact: Once cows, and hens become less profitable for milk,
or egg production, they are slaughtered and replaced.

Question: What happens to dairy cows, and Laing hens
once they become less profitable for milk, or egg production?

What’s for dinner?
Hey kids, do you feel like vegetarian food tonight,
or should I just grab a knife from the kitchen,
and find some animal’s throat to slit?

Omega 3 sources
Human brains, fish oil, and algae are rich sources of omega 3 long chain fatty acids.
Since industrial pollutants such as PCB’s, mercury, and dieldrin tend to bioaccumulate,
algal derived sources are the obvious choice for those wishing to gain the cognitive
benefits associated with long chain fatty acid consumption,
whilst minimising exposure to industrial pollutants.

Some people don’t like taking B12 tablets
If you had a choice between getting your vitamin B12 from
eating dog flesh, or from eating a tablet produced in a
laboratory using microorganisms, which would be your
personal preference?

Middle aged white male sex slave
Jamie keeps a middle aged white man imprisoned below
his house as an involuntary sex slave.
Jamie also donates a few hundred dollars each month
to human rights organisations around the world.

Sam spends a few hours most weeks attempting to draw
people’s attention to both local, and international slavery.
Sam neither donates money to human rights
organisations, nor keeps slaves himself.

Whilst most people who are concerned about
human rights issues have a problem with slavery,
there is some disagreement as to the most effective
way to address it.
Some are of the view that Jamie, despite his direct
Participation in slavery, is doing more for human rights
than is Sam. The theory is that by donating money
to human rights organisations, one can offset the harm
associated with keeping a slave, and in Jamie’s case,
since the donations are significant,
Jamie has accrued a human rights violation credit.
-Frightening thinking

Whenever I beat my husband,
I am so moved by self hatred,
that though not normally a philanthropic sort,
I’ll donate $1000 to famine relief.
My husband, ever the humanitarian,
despite not altogether enjoying the experience,
thanks me on behalf of Africa

I’m a Utilitarian baby
If a utilitarian had a healthy new born baby, and the doctor
informed him that three other babies could be saved if,
and only if the utilitarian gave his permission for his baby to
be sacrificed, and used for body parts, what should the
utilitarian do?

A) Give up on utilitarianism
B) Consent and lose his child
C) Grab the child and run away from Dr. Crazy

Human rights party time
If you want people to be converted to human rights,
you need to stop making people feel like they are a bad person for using slaves.
You need to stop being so negative all of the time.
You need to make it fun!
The same goes for animal rights.
Keep it jolly.
Focus on exotic recipes, fusion, rustic cuisine, affordable plant based alternatives,
and free-range happy animal products.
Ethical choices are so hip, don’t forget to include free drinks,
popular DJ’s, workshops, and silent disco.

The universe arises then collapses,
so it behoves us all
to increase our gross domestic product.

Plant sentience
Vegetarians with their vested interests
find it difficult to accept plant sentience.
It is therefore up to the meat-eaters of this world,
to rationally investigate screaming watermelons.

I’m sure I would go vegetarian much sooner
if people would stop pushing their beliefs onto me,
said the Minotaur.

Deduction induction
The rules of deductive reasoning worked yesterday,
so they will work today.

We don’t need to eat Brussels sprouts
If people didn’t care about animals,
they wouldn’t ‘need to eat meat’.
-We don’t need to eat Brussels sprouts!

Daily mindfulness
Procure a jar, place it prominently in your home.
Each time you unnecessarily criticise someone, place a dollar into it.
Each time you complain about your story unnecessarily, put a dollar into it.
Each time you raise your voice at someone unnecessarily, put a dollar into it.
(If you raise your voice at a child, you may wish to put in some extra dollars.)

Recognising oneness with the universe
If I recognise my oneness with everything,
which often seems to be a goal within spiritual circles,
will I then accept slavery, violence, and rape
as perfect expressions of consciousness,
or will my vibration be so high that I cease to see them?

If we accepted everything that was,
we would starve in our beds.
Actually, we probably wouldn’t get around
to having a bed, we would rot in the gutter.

Freedom from dualistic thinking
Why would anyone be pro-freedom if they were not anti-
oppression, but being against something is characterised as
negative thinking, and that’s a big no no!

A seductive narrative
If you look after animals and provide them with access to fresh water,
food, and protection from predators,
you enter into a sacred symbiotic relationship with the animal spirits,
and from this space of respect,
their eggs become your eggs, their milk becomes your milk,
even their flesh, and blood (thanks to the narrative)
becomes rightfully yours⸮

Boxer shorts
Whether or not we eat living breathing sentient beings is a
matter of personal choice, requiring no greater moral
consideration, than whether or not we wear boxer shorts to bed.

Checkmate vegans
Unless you eat this hamburger,
I’m going to order two more,
and throw them in the bin;
it’s not about personal purity,
checkmate vegan.

Animal products
Some people say they could never give up animal products.
Some people say they could never give up Facebook.

You go to a girly bar and see a sweet young thing.
Something about her innocence touches you,
and rather than leave her to the wolves,
you pay the bar fine,
take her home,
and let her suck your cock,
ever so gently

Smoking rooms
Whilst it is true that feminists who consume cow mammary gland secretions
are complicit in the exploitation In the exploitation of female reproductive
systems, it is not fair to infer that they are being sexist.
Male calves born to dairy cows don’t exactly
get to sit around smoking their pipes in the boys clubs, they are slaughtered
quite young and sold as pet food, veal, and fertiliser.

The artist
Beneath the cloth and within a wire cage exists a living,
breathing sentient being that is owned by the artist.
Although the creature may seem to be in distress,
the artist gains an economic advantage
through use of the creature in his work,
and his economic interests are protected by law.
Please be aware that any tampering with the artwork,
including removal of the cloth,
shall be regarded as vandalism,
and you may be required to purchase

Poached penis
Some people eat meat because they wish to accept
without discrimination whatever is placed in their bowl.
Presumably, were someone to place in their bowl
a poached penis without sauce, they would eat that too.
What if the penis belonged to a goat?

Respectful cannibalism
Look your victim in the eye.
Thank them for their sacrifice.
Make sure that you don’t waste any part of the corpse,
and watch out for cultural appropriation.

So sayeth Lord Draco
So long as you look them in the eye,
and thank them for their sacrifice,
there is nothing wrong with eating humans,
gurgled the lizard king as he eyed off his next victim.

At knifepoint
I like to thank people
as I take their wallet at knifepoint,
it helps me feel better about fucking them over.