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Humane hitmen plain text

You wouldn’t expect a hitman to be humane in his treatment of his victims,
nor should you expect a livestock farmer to be humane in his treatment of animals,
both seek to profit from the killing of others,
this is not the sort of thing that compassionate people do.

Many people around here used to be vegetarian
and now make the ‘conscious decision’ to eat meat
I challenge these people to look into an animals eyes,
pick up a blade and happily slit the animals throat.
It is not my intention to sound cynical,
but i doubt that many could do it.

Humane meat, free range, organic local etc etc
Abusing animals less may seem better than abusing animals more
but if ‘abusing animals less’ somehow gives a stamp of approval to abusing animals at all, in the long run more not less animals are going to be abused.

How much protein does a growing baby need?
McDonalds hamburgers are 12.4% protein*
Cow’s milk is 3.2% protein*
Peanut butter is 25.1% protein*
Breast milk is on average just 1% protein
*This information is for reference purposes only,
and should not be taken as an endorsement to feed your baby McDonalds,
cows milk, or indeed peanut butter.

† nutritional information provided by

People think that because I’m vegan i must love all animals,
there are plenty of people that i don’t particularly like,
yet even were it legal,
I wouldn’t feel it was my right to eat them.

Being vegetarian or vegan is nothing to be proud of.
If I stop beating my partner,
no-one is going to call me a saint.


By collecting roadkill, restaurant waste or dumpster diving,
it is possible to eat meat without doing harm to animals.
If you do not wish cause violence towards animals but wish to eat meat,
these are the humane options.

If you accept that animals are beings with the right to bodily freedom,
you have no justification for supporting the egg, meat or dairy industries.
The fact that most people consume animal products is not relevant.
If you do not wish to inflict bodily confinement or death on animals,
then you need to stop supporting the animal exploiters.

You might think that local free range laying hens have it good,
but at 18 months old, they are killed as there are greater profits to be made from younger birds
-Egg producers definitely exploit animals.

The local dairy may produce unpasteurised milk that everyone thinks is so wonderful,
but it also kills week old male calves, so we can drink their mothers milk.
-Dairy farmers definitely exploit animals too.

Cows have a right to life
no matter how much one likes cheese

The male calf wants milk just as much as you do,
but the male calf competes with humans for his mothers milk,
so we shoot him in the head.

When we purchase ‘animal products’
we are supporting the oppression of animals,
this is the case whether we admit it or not.