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Free-range eggs plain text


How many eggs will a free range hen lay before she is killed?


Why is she killed?

A-Because it is cost effective to replace her with younger more profitable birds
B-Because the farmer is compassionate
C-Because animals should be regarded as property

At what age is she killed?

A-18 months
B-24 months

How many days did her brother get to live before he was killed?

A-1 day
B-2 days
C-7 days

What is the natural lifespan of a hen?

A-7 years
B-18 months
C-1 day

How many eggs do you need to eat before you are responsible for the death of one chicken?

C-Who cares

Answers : In each of the above questions, the answer is ‘A’
*A hen may produce up to 300 eggs per year,
and start laying at approximately 4 months old.
Assuming she is replaced at 18 months of age (industry standard),
potentially she will lay 350 eggs before being killed.
Her brother is of little use to the egg producer,
and will be macerated, or gassed at the hatchery on day 1.